Today’s consumers are highly mobile, creating immense opportunities for companies to utilize B2C mobile applications as an effective way to engage with existing customers and attract high-value prospects.


mobiCreative, a mobile marketing agency part of the Norbsoft group since 2009, specializes in CPM, CPC, and CPD advertising, Rich Media, QR Codes, NFC, Augmented Reality, as well as location-based advertising.


EASE is a Norbsoft developed platform which can be used to quickly build and deploy mobile applications acting as web service clients. EASE applications remain in constant contact with the web server to retrieve and present relevant data to the user.


QuickApps.PRO is a Norbsoft developed platform allowing online publishers and media to quickly and cost effectively deploy Android and iOS mobile applications.


We provide a comprehensive service which includes designing, producing, testing, distribution and promotion of mobile device applications. A high quality service is guaranteed by our Norbsoft Testing Lab certificate.