Biliztik Sports

Biliztik Sports is a one of a kind R.I.S (RealTime Interactive Sports) app which also includes social and digital media elements. Biliztik Sports allows user to play along with their favorite hockey, baseball or football game to predict what will happen next. Correct picks are rewarded with experience points and Biliztik Bucks which players can use to grow their stadiums, upgrade their vendors and improve coaches or players. Players can also collect points by hosting their own game for everyone to join or by hosting a private game for their friends to enjoy and compete.


The NEXO application enables the easy collection and viewing of commercial and operational cooler data from the field base. Collected data is uploaded to the NEXO Cloud for analysis and allowing clients to measure, manage and engage remotely and instantly. Lastly the application also enables monitoring of cooler hardware as well as cooler firmware upgrades.


Yaba Daba is an online community for where people can discover and connect with local service providers and service providers can connect with new customers at the tap of a button. Consumers can use the YabaDaba mobile app to discover and connect with local service providers at a moment’s notice. Service providers can quickly and easily connect with new local customers, taking on service requests when and where it’s convenient. True freedom and convenience for all.

• Book handyman, movers, housekeeper, plumber, realtor, delivery, driver, personal trainer, dog groomer, makeup artist, hair stylist, home repair, lawyer, catering and more…
• Customers can connect with local providers in real time, based on availability.
• Service Providers can connect with local customers at the tap of a button.
• Communicate with Service Providers via the in-app chat to arrange any details.
• View Service Provider ratings and rate once services have been completed.

Natalie MacLean Wine Scanner

Named Top Wine App by Chatelaine Magazine, Globe & Mail, National Post

Want to buy a great wine recommended by the World’s Best Wine Writer? Get the only Wine App with built-in label and barcode scanners to instantly access expert wine reviews. Like a sommelier in your pocket, she’s there with you to help choose the right wine at the right price every time. Just point your camera at the front label or back barcode of any wine to get:

• Easy access professional, jargon-free wine reviews you can trust
• Instant search and sorting of 270,000 expert wine ratings
• Delicious new food pairings for every style of wine
• Quick recall of your wines in My Cellar, the app’s cellar tracker software
• Fast way to add photos, labels and your own notes to My Cellar