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Oriflame Business App

5 million B2B app downloads

Mobile app for club members, allowing them to view their sales results, receive notifications about product offers, events... and much more!

In a Nutshell

Oriflame Business App in numbers

5 million
app downloads
700 thousand
monthly active users
60 countries
area of operation
Project Scope
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
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Oriflame Holding AG, established in 1967 in Sweden, is one of the most famous beauty industry companies worldwide, specializing in cosmetics production and distribution. Oriflame operates using multi-level marketing and direct sales. In 2021, the company's revenue exceeded €1 billion, with 65% of orders placed through the mobile channel. The Oriflame Business App created by Norbsoft is actively used by over 700,000 users each month.


The idea of creating an app for club members to monitor their sales performance and receive important notifications was conceived in 2013. Previously, users accessed this information via a dedicated corporate portal through a web browser. The new mobile app was designed to simplify this process and save time that could be spent on actual business activities, thereby increasing network activity.


After reviewing the initial concept prepared by Oriflame, Norbsoft proposed the creation of native applications for Android and iOS. A project was established, within which we prepared the visual designs of the solution, then implemented and rigorously tested them. Following the successful deployment of the app, an ongoing process of maintenance and development began, with collective updates expanding the product's functionalities every few months.

Norbsoft provides services of the highest caliber. The employees of Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. demonstrate utmost professionalism in performing tasks with significant commitment, meticulousness, and reliability.

Their skills and willingness to embrace suggestions result in the high quality of the final product. Projects were delivered on time, and communication was professional. Our continued cooperation allows us to endorse Norbsoft as a professional mobile app developer and a trustworthy business partner.

Ireneusz Owczarski
Business Application Manager, Oriflame Cosmetics, Sweden

Oriflame App in 60 Countries

The Oriflame Business App is available in more than 60 countries and numerous language versions.

The app was developed from the beginning with internationalization in mind. All texts appearing in the product are retrieved from a central CMS, which is accessible by representatives of each target market. They can also be updated in the background without the need to prepare new versions of the app.

In the case of the Oriflame Business App, localization is not just about translating the product into the target language. Certain functions are only available in selected countries. Moreover, functions that appear similar to the user may be implemented using completely different mechanisms, utilizing independent data sources depending on the market. Thanks to the use of so-called feature flags, managing these aspects in many cases is possible from the central CMS.

Network Contacts at Hand

In the Oriflame business, people are key. Distributors create the sales network, and the effectiveness of network activities depends on its results. The app facilitates visualization and contacts within the network with several dedicated functions.

In-App Messaging

To safely send information to selected individuals in our network, Norbsoft developed a private messenger within the app with end-to-end encryption and attachment support. In this project, Norbsoft is responsible not only for the part operating on the mobile application side, but also for creating and maintaining server software that manages this function.

Network Visualization

Users can browse their network both through traditional list navigation and by using a dedicated tree component, developed by Norbsoft, with unlimited nesting. The development of the component was iterative, using prototyping techniques. Before it took its current form, it underwent several concept changes resulting from the search for the best way to present the structure, which often includes thousands of elements and which at the same time should fit the way a mobile device is used.

SMS, Phone, WhatsApp

Users can contact each other or share content from the app using traditional forms - email, SMS, or any other messenger installed on the device.

Clear Statistics

Key business information for the user is presented not only as numbers but also through graphs representing them.

Convenient Widgets

Users have access to the statistics that are most important for them without having to launch the app. Thanks to system widgets, the data are presented directly on the device's home screen.

Expanded Notifications

A key element of the Oriflame Business App is reminders and information directed to users about product offerings and events.

The application allows for the presentation of several types of notifications:

  • local, generated directly on the device, informing the user about the approaching end of the catalog
  • push, controlled from the server, implemented using the Software Development Kit MobilePush, which is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud solution, used for conducting marketing campaigns
  • in-app - messages presented to the user only after they launch the app

Race For 55 Contest

In 2022, to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the brand's existence, a global competition for club members achieving the best sales results was conducted in the mobile app. The competition was based on the Business App and server solutions prepared by Norbsoft in less than 3 months.

During the event, which lasted three-quarters, users competed against each other, earning medals for actions taken and achieving set business goals. Business administrators had access to detailed reports and statistics related to the competition throughout its duration.

In response to the popularity of the contest, Oriflame decided to conduct its second edition, expanding the group of club members who could participate.

Dark Mode

Product development is not just about chasing new business functionality but also about adapting to trends dictated by new versions of operating systems and user expectations.

Since 2021, the Oriflame Business App has also been available in a dark graphical theme. The implementation was the result of Norbsoft suggesting a list of changes worth introducing to the product.

President of Microsoft – Satya Nadella - Presents Norbsoft's Application

In 2017, the mobile application Oriflame Business App, operating on cloud solutions prepared by Oriflame Software, was presented at the Microsoft DOT conference in Prague by the president of Microsoft, Satya Nadella.

Oriflame x Norbsoft
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