Serwis MAN Polska

MAN Service Poland

MAN Service Poland is an innovative application developed for MAN Truck & Bus Poland. Targeted and owners and operators of MAN trucks and buses, it delivers information regarding the MAN sales and service network across Poland as well as special offers and promotions on parts and service. The GPS enabled application quickly locates the nearest sales and service locations, and can also provide directions. Users can also search for locations using various criteria, including used vehicle sales, parts sales or specific service offerings. Notable features of the application include:

· Geolocation
· Directions to any MAN sales and service location
· Latest parts & service offers and promotions
· Ability to connect with any location via phone directly from the app
· Up-to-date listing of all the MAN sales & service locations across Poland

Client: MAN Truck & Bus Polska Sp. z o.o.

Platform: Android

Technology: Native SDK