Tuba.FM is a free music app for smartphones. You will find all music genres and decades, popular and alternative Polish and international artists. TUBA also enables creating personal radio stations, playing only selected artists.

Tuba.FM HD is the first application in Poland which selects music to suit your taste, suggests artist and genres and gives unlimited opportunities to listen and discover music tailored to your mood at any given time. Tuba is the best radio and music source online and it is absolutely free of charge!
This application is very intuitive and easy to use. It provides a search engine which suggests artist and genres matching your query, as well as stores bookmarks of stations already running, including Radio, Artists, Genres and Your Radio which can be viewed and sorted by featured stations, most popular stations, new stations or presented in alphabetical order.
Tuba provides:
• popular radio stations broadcasting live, including Radio Zlote Przenboje, Rock Radio, Radio TOK FM;
• Over two hundred best genre stations, including Rock, Pop, Dance, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Polish Hits, Hip-Hop, Disco Polo, etc.;
• Over five hundred stations playing only the most popular hits;
• Tens of thousands of radio stations with music chosen by Tube users.

Client: Grupa Radiowa Agory Sp. z o.o. (Ltd.)

Platform: Android, iOS

Technology: Android, iOS SDK

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