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Innovative data-driven e-commerce

The mobile application was used at the stage of introducing a new brand to the market, to reach a wide group of potential customers.

In a Nutshell

MODIVO in numbers

1.5 million
app downloads
(November 2022)
year-over-year sales growth
+162 million PLN
year-over-year sales growth
(in the first quarter of the financial year 2022)
rating on Google Play
over 41,000 ratings
rating in the App Store
over 19,000 ratings

The application took 1st place at the Mobile Trends Awards

In 2023, the Modivo application won in the "m-commerce – development" category at the Mobile Trends Awards, the most recognizable event in the mobile solutions industry in Poland.

Mobile Trends Awards 2022
Project Scope
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
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MODIVO S.A. (formerly eobuwie.pl S.A.) is a CCC-controlled company operating in the fashiontech sector, engaged in the sale of clothing, footwear, and accessories of top brands in several European markets.

The company can boast numerous innovations in combining offline and online channels. For example, it implemented esize.me technology, allowing for the selection of footwear based on a three-dimensional foot scan, and launched a new store format where multimedia screens and tablets replaced the physical display of goods.


In 2019, eobuwie.pl began the process of implementing a new sales platform, MODIVO. A key component of this platform was to be a mobile application running on devices equipped with Android and iOS systems.

Due to our previous implementations for the m-commerce industry, Norbsoft was chosen as the partner responsible for producing native applications for the new brand from scratch.


The first version of the mobile application was realized using the waterfall methodology. Based on the graphic design prepared by the eobuwie.pl team, we conducted a comprehensive pre-project analysis, during which we verified the completeness of the materials and suggested changes that, based on our previous experience, could improve the use of the application.

As work on implementing the server solutions for the store platform and creating the required APIs was carried out simultaneously, the realization was divided into two stages. Initially, we prepared the implementation of the mobile application user interface based on temporary, illustrative data embedded directly in the code, only to integrate it with the actual source in the next phase.

The company supports us at every stage of the project from the beginning of cooperation and shows initiative in creating the best mobile product.

The employees of Norbsoft are professional, open, and very experienced. Their knowledge significantly facilitates the development of the Modivo application. Thanks to cooperation with Norbsoft, we have access to professionals at any time who ensure the proper quality of our product and business. The ongoing cooperation allows us to confidently recommend Norbsoft as a solid business partner and a very experienced mobile application producer.

Łukasz Kokorniak
Mobile Apps Product Owner, MODIVO S.A.

User-Friendly Onboarding

The user's adventure with the application begins with a short onboarding process, during which they indicate their gender, learn about the main functions, and may give necessary consents - e.g., for receiving push notifications.

Gender, besides the selection of appropriate model images during the onboarding process, is used to personalize the offer presented in the application. Users can also indicate that they are mainly interested in children's products. Thanks to this procedure, immediately after moving to the main screen of the application, we can present content dedicated to a specific group of recipients.

Advanced Search

Besides the standard mechanism for searching products matching the textual phrase entered by the user using the on-screen keyboard, Modivo also allows you to search for offers by EAN-13 code or enter data using the voice recognition mechanism built into the smartphone's operating system.

Customized Product Listing

Users can decide whether they want to see only product photos on the offer lists or products presented by models.

Intelligent Filters

Products can be filtered using attributes dependent on the categories to which they belong. Screens are built entirely dynamically, presenting only options available for the current combination of their settings. Users also see in real-time how many results they will receive as a result of applying a given filter. Some attributes have dedicated visualizations, such as choosing a price range or color.

Advanced Product Cards

On the product page, users can view a photo gallery, learn about the product, and specify a variant by choosing a color and size.

There are also other functions known from e-commerce solutions:

  • The ability to save the product to a favorites list
  • Generating a product link that can be shared using other applications installed on the device. Thanks to the support for so-called deep links, the recipient can also go directly to the product in the mobile application by clicking on such a link in the received message
  • Ratings and reviews about the product left by other customers

For products covered by sales or promotions, additional informational badges are also presented.

Numerous Language Versions

The application is available in several markets, providing support in local languages. Thanks to the use of the Phrase.com solution, appropriate translations can be dynamically updated without the need to publish new versions of the application in the Google Play, AppStore, and Huawei AppGallery stores.

Regionalization of Deliveries and Payments

The delivery and payment methods available in the application also strictly depend on the market currently selected by the user.

When collecting from pick up points, users can additionally indicate the location using a map.

Quick payments are made using the PayU integrated native Software Development Kit (SDK).

Engaging Loyalty Program

The mobile application supports the Modivo Fashion Club loyalty program launched in 2021. Registered users receive constant discounts and early access to promotions in exchange for reaching successive purchase balance thresholds and promoting the program among friends. A virtual card used for purchases in the offline channel is also available in the application.

Integration with Synerise CRM

The application utilizes data processing mechanisms provided by Synerise CRM, supported by AI. Based on the analysis of the user profile built across all channels, suggestions for the best-matched products are presented.

Relevant sections are presented, among others:

  • in the event of no results matching the user's query
  • for cross-selling on the product card and in the basket process
  • in areas of the application not directly related to the presentation of the product catalog, such as the account settings screen

Push Notifications

The application also uses automations connected with push notifications. For instance, the user receives information about an abandoned cart, notifications about current promotions, or discount codes.

Modern Analytics

In addition to integration with the CRM system to better understand how users use the application, Modivo has implemented integrations with Google Analytics 4.

This solution allows for the inclusion of data streams from mobile applications and website in one set that can be analyzed together.

Along with recording events typical for almost every mobile application, such as installation or individual screen display, Google Analytics provides predefined templates closely related to e-commerce. These include displaying a list of products, details of a single item, adding items to the cart, applying promotions, setting delivery and payment methods, and finally making a purchase.

For the optimal use of the advertising budget, it is important to measure to what extent specific channels, partners, and campaigns contribute to acquiring new users or retargeting existing ones.

To effectively implement this requirement, while maintaining a high level of privacy protection for user data, the Modivo application has implemented the AppsFlyer solution. Among the unique features of this product is support for so-called deferred deep links - deep linking to the application, even if it is not yet installed on the user's device, or intelligent monitoring of application uninstallation based on sending silent push notifications and listening for return responses.

Starting with iOS 14.5, Apple requires the implementation of App Tracking Transparency. Users must consent to the transmission of information that allows them to be tracked across many applications and websites, which is used, among other things, by source attribution mechanisms. Modivo has implemented this solution to improve the quality of conversion tracking.

Stability Monitoring

Regardless of the analytical data monitoring by marketing or strategic teams, the Modivo mobile application by Norbsoft also has built-in solutions for quality control and monitoring the stability of the product from a technical perspective.

The Firebase Performance Monitoring service allows you to measure the application's startup time, rendering of individual screens, response time with data from the server, or the percentage of connections ending with HTTP errors.

The Sentry solution has been used to register unexpected incidents and anomalies. Thanks to its rich system of rules, it allows you to adjust alerts based on the principle that not all errors are equal.


For over 3 years, Norbsoft has been continuously supporting Modivo in programming work, testing, and project management.

We are proud of the cooperation that allows us to fulfill our mission of providing users with the best shopping experiences on any device, while contributing to building the client's position as a leader in online fashion sales in the region. Stability and security, the basic features of the Modivo mobile application, are our main values at Norbsoft, supporting the long-term development of the application and our cooperation with Modivo.

MODIVO x Norbsoft
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