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Custom Mobile Applications

Whether you are at the stage of having an app idea or already have a ready specification or graphic design, and are just looking for a proven technological partner for its implementation, Norbsoft's dedicated mobile applications will help realize even the most daring vision.

We create mobile applications for digital departments of the world's largest brands, IT departments of manufacturing companies, and startup founders, taking responsibility for the entire process or its selected part.

Client Testimonials

Reviews for the app have been overwhelmingly and consistently positive since launch. The clean development work allows users to scan wine barcodes and bring up reviews in-store with ease. Norbsoft brought their own unique ideas to the table which improved the functionality of the app.

Natalie MacLean
CEO, NatalieMacLean.com, Canada

User satisfaction has been far above expectations. Norbsoft maintained regular communication on their progress, responded quickly to requests, and delivered on time. The team demonstrated a high degree of expertise across multiple subject areas.

IT Manager
National Automotive Sales Group, Poland

Norbsoft Mobile's attention to detail and responsiveness set them apart from other agencies. The project manager was engaged in the project, and deliveries were made on time.

Program Manager
IoT and Cloud Company, United Kingdom

Our Proprietary Needs Assessment Process

Benefit from the extensive experience of our designers, analysts, and project managers in conducting the Needs Assessment process and verify your concept of a digital product or service.

Competitive analysis, allowing you to better understand the market
Identification of key features for the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
Technical feasibility study
Preliminary User Experience (UX) design and overall MVP specification
Cost and timeline estimation

As a result of the Needs Assessment process, you will find out if a native mobile application is an essential element of your business, and if so, you will learn the required budget for its preparation.

Trust and responsibility are two of Norbsoft's main values. The success of our clients is our success, which is why you can be sure that we will propose the implementation of the application only when we are convinced that our services are necessary for you.

Thorough Approach to the Design Process

If you already have specified expectations regarding the product, the next step is to visualize them and precisely define the technical requirements for all its components.

Creating an appropriate design system will maintain consistency between all elements of the project and accelerate the design work.

If you have a graphic design prepared by your internal team or a creative agency, at Norbsoft we will help verify its accuracy and completeness, and suggest making changes if it is beneficial for your project.

The design process is similar when implementing backend solutions by your own team.

Information Architecture Development
User Experience (UX) Design
User Interface (UI) Design
UX/UI and API Audit
Pre-Design Functional Specification

Production of Native Mobile Applications

Norbsoft is one of the few software houses, that has been creating native mobile applications for iOS and Android systems since they became an integral part of smartphones.

We use the latest, proven technologies for each ecosystem, based on scalable architectures. Currently, we are using the Swift and Kotlin programming languages.

We work in two methodologies - in sprints or by dividing the project into milestones - depending on your needs and project requirements.

Quality Control

At Norbsoft's office, we have a vast array of test devices, covering all supported versions of operating systems, screen resolutions, and differences in computing power. We ensure 100% certainty that mobile application testing performed by us will result in a reliably functioning product.

As part of mobile application testing, we conduct tests of applications developed by Norbsoft, as well as perform audits of external solutions.

Development of test cases and manual functional testing
Automated tests
Security tests, compliance with OWASP MASVS

Maintenance and SLA

Mobile applications created by Norbsoft under the Fixed Price model are subject to a 12-month warranty.

Every application after its launch requires maintenance and regular servicing. In the absence of intensive in-house application development by a dedicated team, Norbsoft offers our clients an SLA (Service Level Agreement) that ensures shorter response times to bug reports and tickets.

In addition to functional development, at Norbsoft you can also count on:

Adapting applications to new versions of systems and requirements of Google Play and App Store
Refactoring and updating used libraries
Monitoring performance and errors

Valuable Knowledge Transfer

At Norbsoft, we nurture long-term relationships with our clients. With some, we have been working for over 10 years.

When it comes to maintenance and development, not every mobile application requires building technological competencies within the organization. That being said, there are those which, as a result of global business strategies or after achieving great success, clients decide to develop within their own structures.

The client requires, we support project migration processes by providing appropriate source code documentation and functional documentation, as well as by extending the client's new team until it becomes self-reliant.

The proprietary rights to the software we create are transferred to the client.

Modernization of Mobile Applications

If your current mobile application no longer meets business objectives, lags behind the competition, loses existing users, no longer meets legal requirements, or simply does not function properly, it's time to modernize it.

As part of the services offered by Norbsoft, we conduct a process that includes one or more of the following stages:

General Audit
Code Refactoring
UX/UI Modernization
Security Update

The general audit, referred to by us as the Revival Sprint, is time dedicated by our developers, designers, and QA team to familiarize themselves with the product and verify its actual state, resulting in a recommendation for further actions.

Depending on the audit results, at Norbsoft we may propose modernizing the UI itself, refactoring the code (better organizing its structure to reduce the costs of further maintenance and development of the product), or introducing new features.

Research and Prototyping

Creating a unique feature, often constituting a competitive advantage of a mobile application, will not always be straightforward in terms of technical solution.

Features such as custom use of device sensors, connectivity mechanisms, artificial intelligence, or innovative forms of data presentation require prototyping. Thanks to a systematic, iterative approach, prototyping can enable the achievement of the intended effect or allow for withdrawal if implementation within the anticipated budget is not feasible.

At Norbsoft, as part of numerous projects for clients, hackathons, and competency development, we have created applications utilizing Augmented Reality (AR), AI, and Machine Learning in the field of image recognition, as well as rich forms of data visualization using the Unity 3D engine.

Trusted Web Activity (TWA)

If you aim to create a mobile application that is largely based on an existing website built using Progressive Web Apps (PWA) technology and want to publish it in the Google Play and Apple AppStore, we can help create the appropriate packaging.

The key is to add unique value utilizing system solutions that a web browser alone cannot provide. Together with your team responsible for PWA, at Norbsoft we will create the appropriate integrations and guide you through the process of setting up the right accounts and publishing the product.

Value Forecasting

Check if a mobile application will be cost-effective for you.

Value Forecasting is a unique service offered by Norbsoft that will help you find the answer to the question, "What value will my business gain from a mobile application?"

As part of the Value Forecasting process, we work with the client to select the scope and stages of work, based on the current situation and needs of your company.

Important components of the process include the analysis of the context of building the application and the verification of previously set project goals. These analyses serve to make the project implementation planning more effective.

Thanks to Value Forecasting, you can also choose to forgo creating your own application if our recommendations indicate so.

Market Research
Competition Analysis
Feasibility and Risk Assessment of the Project
Identification of Required Resources
Target Audience and Stakeholders Analysis for the Application
Functional Description of the Application
Technology Recommendation
Selection of Project Approach and Methodology
Multi-Level Application Information Architecture
Recommended Markets for Implementation
Suggested Language Versions
Significant External Factors Affecting the Project

If we recommend the implementation of the application, with this knowledge we will develop a strategy, defining the steps and actions of the most effective work process.

Value Forecasting will effectively support your company in the application planning process, regardless of the level of digital transformation advancement, business process efficiency, competitive strength, and business situation.

Start a New Era of Effective Mobile Application Marketing

We are a leader in creating innovative solutions for mobile applications. We understand that effective marketing is not only about creating a vision but also the ability to precisely monitor and optimize activities. In today's dynamic world of mobile applications, a key element of success is not just an excellent application, but also the ability to reach the right group of users.

Stop wasting time guessing which elements of your marketing strategy yield the best results. Take advantage of our offer and enhance the potential for tracking conversions and referral links. Your application deserves the best place in the crowded world of mobile solutions.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve exceptional results in mobile application marketing.

Mobile Transparency

Check if your application meets market standards.

Mobile transparency is a unique service provided by Norbsoft that enables you to determine whether your application complies with the latest standards and best practices in creating mobile solutions.

  • Identification of areas requiring improvement and potential weak points of the application.
  • Verification of compliance with norms and market standards (e.g., WCAG 2.1 accessibility requirements).
  • Enhancing the application's usability and user experience.
  • Increasing application security.
  • Improving application performance.
  • Enhancing product efficiency and scalability.
  • Optimizing the effectiveness of business processes.
  • Identifying errors and defects.
  • Guidance on further developing the application, including implementing innovations.

Our experience is a guarantee of quality because:

  • We have one of the largest databases of mobile devices (verification for dozens of devices).
  • We demonstrate a high level of specialization in mobile technologies.
  • We have experience in the industry since 2003.
  • Our auditing services can be conducted entirely remotely.

As part of the Mobile Transparency process, we determine the scope of the audit together with the client. We base it on the needs of key stakeholders and the provided documentation.

Thanks to the Mobile Transparency service, we will jointly define the direction of development for your application to create a competitive advantage for your company.

Functional Audit
UX Usability Audit
Security Audit
Accessibility Audit
Language Version Audit
Continuous Quality Monitoring
Source Code Audit
Scalability and Performance Audit

Mobile Transparency will effectively support your company in planning further development of the application so that investments in mobile solutions translate into value for your customers.

Billing Models

Choose the appropriate billing model


Time & Material

Your project is highly dynamic.

You do not have specified requirements.

You want to further develop the MVP that was previously produced in the Fixed Price model.


Fixed Price
with a 12-month warranty

Your requirements are well-defined and can be realized within a project lasting 3-10 months.

Technical solutions do not require research work.

You do not anticipate drastic scope changes during the project duration.

You might even have a graphic design and functioning server solutions (API) that will feed data into the new application.

You want to develop an MVP.

Optional SLA.


Team Augmentation

You need a team that will supplement your resources to carry out a specific project, usually related to previously conducted work.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to transparent and collaborative cooperation, so we are happy to answer questions and clarify any doubts.

How much does a mobile application cost?

A relatively simple application for one platform (Android or iOS) costs around 17,500 USD. For an average complexity project, supporting both platforms, the total cost is in the range of 45,000 - 100,000 USD. The most complex applications prepared for two platforms cost over 250.000 USD.

Write to us to receive an exact, free estimate of your project.

How long does the entire process of creating a mobile application take?

The time needed to build a mobile application depends strictly on its functional scope. Based on Norbsoft's many years of experience in implementing projects of varying complexity, we can say that from the start of work on the graphic design to the publication of the first version in Google Play or the Apple AppStore, it takes on average 3-4 months for an MVP and about 6-12 months for the implementation of the full scope.

How big of a team works on creating a mobile application?

Usually, a team consisting of an analyst, designer, four developers, a Project Manager, and a tester works on the production of a moderately complex, native mobile application for both Android and iOS.

What billing methods do you use?

We offer various billing models: Fixed Price, Time & Material, and Team Augmentation. Check which one best suits your project or write to us to discuss the details.

Is there an option for you to support my team in just one area of the project?

Yes! We are happy to undertake the design of a user-friendly and secure application, its execution according to the specifications provided by you, or thorough testing of a product developed by another team.

Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Do you advise and consult on mobile application ideas?

Yes, our analysts will conduct workshops with you to understand the needs of your organization. The result will be pre-execution documentation describing the functions of the application and its requirements. Based on such a document, a cost and time estimate of the project can confidently be prepared.

No answer to your question?

Write to us, our team is at your disposal.

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