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Mobile applications for the fashion, pharmaceutical, or retail industries have different goals. Whether you offer clothes, tickets, medications, or gadgets, at Norbsoft, we know how to prepare the right mobile application for your store to support sales and increase user loyalty.

Product catalog with filtering capabilities
Fast and effective search engine
Simple shopping cart process
Reliable payment handling

At Norbsoft, we have implemented applications that integrate with both proprietary platforms (e.g., ENP) and open-source solutions (e.g., Magento).

Norbsoft employees are professional, open, and very experienced. Their knowledge significantly facilitates the development of our MODIVO app. Thanks to the cooperation with Norbsoft, we have access to experts who take care of the proper quality of our product and business at all times.

Łukasz Kokorniak
Mobile Apps Product Owner, MODIVO S.A.
Check out our implementations for e-commerce:
Interesting Fact

Application for Samsung Bada for Allegro

Norbsoft's experience also includes work on experimental mobile application solutions. Our history, in addition to projects for iOS and Android systems, also includes work on emerging platforms, such as Samsung Bada. For Allegro, the most popular e-commerce service in Poland, we developed a native version of the main service application that operates on devices with this system.

Finance and Insurance

Are you looking for solutions that will make it easier for your customers to manage payments or handle savings and investments?

A unique form of data presentation using charts, biometric login and transaction authorization, combined with the highest security confirmed by audits, are the features of our implementations for the financial industry.

Data presentation in the form of charts
Biometric login and transaction authorization
Highest security confirmed by audits

The collaboration is professional, and the results achieved are very good, which makes us satisfied with having such a business partner. We are pleased to provide references for Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. and at the same time confirm the high quality and professionalism of the services provided by this company. We can confidently recommend Norbsoft as a trusted, experienced, and professional developer of financial mobile applications.

Miłosz Pałka
Digital Product Manager, NN Investment Partners TFI
Check out our implementations for finance and insurance:
Interesting Fact

Nordea Banking App

For the international financial institution Nordea, we developed the Nordea mobileConnect app (later functioning as PKO mobileConnect), dedicated to the bank's corporate clients. In addition to traditional mobile banking functionality, the Nordea mobileConnect mobile app supported batch transfers and multi-signature for operation authorizations.

PZU Pharmacy App

For PZU, the most well-known Polish insurance company, we developed the PZU Pharmacy app, dedicated to clients with PZU drug insurance or insurance with a Pharmacy Card. Through this app, users can submit requests for reimbursement of the cost of purchased prescription products and prescription medicines.


Over the last decade, the trend of moving away from traditional media in favor of digital media has deepened significantly, mainly due to the so-called millennials and Generation Z.

According to data from Zenith/Recode, in 2021 the average adult American used a smartphone for over four hours a day. Thanks to the use of push notifications and subscription models, native mobile apps allow for quick content delivery to the user and monetization of the generated traffic.

We have worked on solutions for the largest Polish internet portals and content publishers:

Loyalty Programs

Mobile applications have made plastic cards and stamps on cardboard a thing of the past. Currently, functions related to loyalty programs are most often built directly into e-commerce solutions or made available to users in the form of an application dedicated to the program itself.

User account with barcode identification for offline needs
Points for purchases
Rewards catalog
Discount codes
Push notifications

One of the mobile applications for a loyalty program created by Norbsoft is the PAYBACK program app - the largest loyalty bonus program in Poland. Norbsoft is also the producer of another extremely popular application, which many of us have on our phones - the Costa Coffee Club mobile app.

Loyalty programs are also a component of our other productions, such as Modivo (Modivo Fashion Club) and MAN Serwis (MAN Trucker’s World).

Norbsoft supported us at every stage of the project implementation, offering expert knowledge, flexibility, and effective solutions. Encouraged by the good atmosphere of cooperation, we want to continue working together on the development of PAYBACK's presence in the mobile applications segment.

Piotr Świtała
PAYBACK Online Manager - Loyalty Partner Polska Sp. z o.o.
Check out our loyalty program implementations:

Watch the interview in which Norbsoft's CEO, Tomasz Witt, talks about the impact of mobile applications on the loyalty program market:

Interesting Fact

LG Rewards Mobile App

At Norbsoft, we create loyalty programs as mobile applications not only for the consumer market. For LG Electronics Canada, we implemented the LG Rewards program aimed at the manufacturer's internal sales network and supported by a dedicated mobile app.


The development of the automotive industry has provided us with mobility, and mobile phones have enabled access to information anywhere and anytime. Applications for smartphones and tablets are used both in the product presentation and after-sales support. Offline availability and the use of multimedia, including 3D visualizations, offer rich possibilities for product presentation and engaging potential customers.

The ability of the application to operate in offline mode and to utilize engaging multimedia, including 3D visualizations, allows for unlimited forms of product presentation, arousing and deepening the interest of potential customers.

Product presentation using multimedia, including 3D visualizations
Customer service support
Offline availability

One of the applications created for the automotive industry by Norbsoft is MAN Truck & Bus, which is a dedicated app for drivers of this brand's vehicles.

For the premiere and sales campaign of the BMW i3, Norbsoft prepared an application for iPad tablets, which was used in showrooms to present the details of financing options for purchasing or leasing this electric car.

For the Peugeot brand, we created a promotional application for the Peugeot 508 model for the advertising campaign associated with the launch of this car.

We are pleased to recommend Norbsoft as a trustworthy partner and professional developer of mobile applications and back-end systems. During the execution of the order, Norbsoft demonstrated diligence and high commitment. Communication was professional, and the set deadlines were met.

Marta Stefańska
PR and Marketing Manager, MAN Truck & Bus Poland
Check out our automotive implementations:


Mobile applications find numerous uses in the healthcare industry. The large screens and portability of tablets are excellent for presenting educational content, and the connectivity mechanisms equipped in every phone allow for integration with external devices.

We have collaborated with the largest entities in the industry, including:

For the Swiss company Roche, we prepared a dedicated iPad application used for conducting quizzes among visitors to the company's booths at international industry congresses.

The solution we created for use on iPads, MedPad, is also designed to support sales representatives in the pharmaceutical industry.

The application Appteka, which we created for Pharma Partner (a company of Pelion Healthcare Group – the largest healthcare sector company in Poland), is an e-commerce solution distinguished by the ability to send a photo of a prescription. Based on the photo, the pharmacist completes the order, which can then be picked up personally at the chosen pharmacy.

On behalf of the mobile network operator Play, we prepared an application with first aid instructions, which the user always has at hand.

Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. developed the mobile application Appteka, which facilitates the ordering of medications, for Pharma Partner Sp. z o.o., for the Android platform. During the execution of the order, Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. demonstrated diligence and high commitment to the work. Projects were completed on time, and communication was professional. We are pleased to recommend Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. as a professional mobile application developer and a trustworthy partner.

Renata Borkowska - Kubiak
Vice President of the Board, Pharma Partner Sp. z o.o.
Check out our implementations for the healthcare industry:

Business Tools

Smartphones today are a fundamental work tool for many professional groups, streamlining the operation of important business processes.

Access to files in the cloud, offline functionality, the ability to use barcodes and 2D codes, and private distribution facilitate information acquisition and allow for the elimination of paper document circulation.

At Norbsoft, we have implemented internal tools for companies that are used by a dozen to several million people. The projects we have completed often impact the competitive advantage of these enterprises (their details are covered by an NDA).

For another global automotive brand, Scania, we prepared the Scania Calendar - an application integrated with a CRM system, which supports the sales activities of the Polish division of the truck and tractor manufacturer.

In creating advanced business applications, we have also worked with furniture manufacturers (SITS), lighting manufacturers (ES-System), air conditioning systems producers, and cosmetic companies (Oriflame Cosmetics).

Employees of Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. demonstrate full professionalism in executing orders with great commitment, care, and reliability. Their skills, as well as initiative and openness to suggestions, translate into the high quality of the final product. Projects were completed on time, and communication was professional.

Ireneusz Owczarski
Business Application Manager, Oriflame
Check out the business tools we have created:

Watch the interview in which Norbsoft's CEO, Tomasz Witt, talks about the applications of B2B mobile apps:

Dedicated Devices and IoT

Smartphones, thanks to their built-in network connectivity to the cloud and local connectivity via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, are excellent as supplementary control devices.

In the area of dedicated devices and IoT, we have collaborated with:

At Norbsoft, we have worked on applications for remote control of kettles and coffee machines (Smarter.am), and on a Radio Controlled (RC) solution for a toy helicopter model.

Short-range communication was also a part of the mobile application PAYBACK created by Norbsoft, in which omnichannel mechanisms using beacons were implemented, as well as the SGB Wallet, utilizing NFC for payment card emulation.

IoT using smartphones also finds application in tools for business.

For the British manufacturer of refrigerator controllers, Elstat Electronics, we developed the Nexo application using Bluetooth Low Energy. It allows service technicians to remotely read a device's parameters, update its firmware, and synchronize data with the cloud.

On behalf of the iconic gaming company Electronic Arts, we developed hardware and software for a kiosk that recognizes a computer game based on the graphics on its packaging and presents details of the product selected in this way.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to transparent and collaborative cooperation, so we are happy to answer questions and clarify any doubts.

How much does a mobile application cost?

A relatively simple application for one platform (Android or iOS) costs around 17,500 USD. For an average complexity project, supporting both platforms, the total cost is in the range of 45,000 - 100,000 USD. The most complex applications prepared for two platforms cost over 250.000 USD.

Write to us to receive an exact, free estimate of your project.

How long does the entire process of creating a mobile application take?

The time needed to build a mobile application depends strictly on its functional scope. Based on Norbsoft's many years of experience in implementing projects of varying complexity, we can say that from the start of work on the graphic design to the publication of the first version in Google Play or the Apple AppStore, it takes on average 3-4 months for an MVP and about 6-12 months for the implementation of the full scope.

How big of a team works on creating a mobile application?

Usually, a team consisting of an analyst, designer, four developers, a Project Manager, and a tester works on the production of a moderately complex, native mobile application for both Android and iOS.

What billing methods do you use?

We offer various billing models: Fixed Price, Time & Material, and Team Augmentation. Check which one best suits your project or write to us to discuss the details.

Is there an option for you to support my team in just one area of the project?

Yes! We are happy to undertake the design of a user-friendly and secure application, its execution according to the specifications provided by you, or thorough testing of a product developed by another team.

Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail.

Do you advise and consult on mobile application ideas?

Yes, our analysts will conduct workshops with you to understand the needs of your organization. The result will be pre-execution documentation describing the functions of the application and its requirements. Based on such a document, a cost and time estimate of the project can confidently be prepared.

No answer to your question?

Write to us, our team is at your disposal.

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