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MPWiK Wrocław

How we eliminated the paper trail from the water meter replacement process

The Android tablet application E-Raport is a perfect example of digital transformation in a traditional company that has been around for over 150 years.

In a Nutshell

MPWiK Wrocław in numbers

700 thousand
year of plant commissioning
2035 km
length of the water supply network
Public Utilities
Project Scope
  • Mobile Development
  • Mobile Backend Development


MPWiK Wrocław, the water utility of Wrocław, is responsible for providing high-quality water and sewage services in the capital of Lower Silesia and 7 neighboring municipalities. The company currently serves over 700,000 customers.


The client was looking for a solution to facilitate the management of customer service processes for water and sewage services. A key element requiring digitization was to be the reporting of water meter replacements in the field.


The answer to this need turned out to be the E-Raport platform created by Norbsoft - a mobile application for Android tablets working with a business panel installed in the client's infrastructure. Thanks to the implementation of a solution based on portable devices, the formalities associated with water meter replacement by a fitter become extremely simplified, and the task's completion time is reduced to a minimum.

Administrator Panel

Allows for:

  • Managing the device fleet (tablets)
  • Importing orders, delegating work, monitoring, and exporting results
  • Defining dictionaries (e.g., manufacturers of water meters and radio modules, reasons for replacement)
  • Defining additional service price lists

The administrator adds tablets in the panel by assigning them their own names and acquiring logins (device identifiers) and passwords, which are then entered in the mobile application to pair them with the system. Technical service crews going into the field are then equipped with such tablets.

The administrator can also define other system users, allowing, for example, subcontractors to be separated and enabling each to delegate work within their own range.

The main functionality of the panel is the ability to load a flat file with work orders specifying the tablet (crew) to which a particular package will apply. Data is verified for structure correctness and saved in the database. Orders have a life cycle defined by statuses, which decide, among other things, whether they will appear on the tablet at the next data update.

The panel allows for detailed viewing of orders, and if protocols have been filled out on the tablet and sent back to the system, the export function enables the generation of a CSV file with a report on the completed work. Additionally, one can download an archive with documents (e.g., protocols signed by customers) and installation photographs assigned to a specific order.

Mobile Application for Tablets

The application is designed to work on devices with the Android system.

The architecture is based on the offline-first rule –working on orders is possible without internet access, which is often the case during water meter replacements in cellars or basements. Data synchronization with the system takes place according to a set schedule or on-demand by the device operator.

The main menu allows for transitioning to individual application modules.

One important functionality is creating a new report from the replacement by entering all data directly in the application - creating a new order without prior definition in the central system.

The dedicated wizard guides the user through the protocol form of the replacement.

If the report is saved correctly, the order will be marked as completed and at the next data update, the report will be sent to the server.

One application, so many functions - the fitter can take photographic documentation, which will be an attachment to the report.

The application also makes it possible to view the list of orders, along with the priorities assigned to them, which allows for up-to-date monitoring of the remaining replacements to be carried out.

What's more, it also checks if there are other replacements planned for the selected order address (the same street). If so, after completing the current tasks, it will present a list of other orders from the area.

The application also has a built-in barcode scanner that allows for quick location of an order by scanning the identifier of the water meter being removed.


Over time, we have worked with the client on optimizing the E-Raport platform in terms of the process it supports.

Feedback from users of our software is invaluable. It allows us to introduce improvements and new functionalities that enhance the operation and efficiency of the product.

MPWiK Wrocław x Norbsoft
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