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PANEK CarSharing

How we supported the development of an in-house IT system for car-sharing services

A dedicated platform allowed for greater independence and innovation in the services provided.

In a nutshell

PANEK CarSharing in numbers

over 7 million
over 100 million
kilometers driven by users
Car Rental
Project Scope
  • Mobile Development
  • Testing
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The Panek brand was established in 2000 in Lublin as a local car rental company. Currently, the company has a fleet of over 2,000 vehicles offered for rental by the minute through mobile applications, making it the largest entity in the industry in Poland.


From the beginning of its activity, Panek S.A. licensed an IT system from a third party for the purpose of providing its own services. This system allowed for searching, booking, renting, opening and locking the car using a mobile application, and automatic customer settlement.

Limitations and costs associated with such a model led the company to decide to build its own solution, which would allow it to become independent from the external provider.

In the spring of 2021, the Norbsoft team, composed of programmers for Android and iOS platforms and a manual tester, started a project whose goal was to create a mobile application cooperating with a server solution being built from scratch by Panek S.A.


After nearly 2 years of development work using the Scrum methodology, new mobile applications that completely replaced the existing solution saw the light of day.

The mobile application according to our project was made by mobile developers from Norbsoft, and its chief Tomasz Witt flexibly responded to our needs.

Importantly, the mobile developers turned out to be not only great professionals but also good colleagues – although for the last one and a half years we only met remotely, we hope to continue working together for a long time.

Marcin Białkowski
CTO at Panek S.A. in an article about the project

Quick Start

Ensuring the user has the fastest possible access to the service while meeting security and legal requirements was a key element in designing the process of setting up a new account in the Panek mobile application.

Phone number verification using one-time codes supports their autofill based on incoming SMS messages.

While getting started with the application doesn't require full account activation, users must, among other things, submit a driver's license scan to start renting.

Convenient Searching for the Nearest and Preferred Vehicles

An interactive map allows you to not only find the closest vehicle but also to check the range of zones or locations of dedicated Panek parking spaces.

The user has the opportunity to filter the offer for chosen vehicle models. If they want to travel in, for example, a Trabant or a Tesla, the application will allow them to locate the chosen car.

Optional Reservation to Ensure Availability

Thanks to the optional vehicle reservation function, we can be sure of its availability. If we are in the immediate vicinity of the car, we can start the rental. Vehicle reservation is also possible during the rental of another vehicle, and the application allows for a smooth transition between viewing the status of the current rental and the next reservation.

Remote Opening and Closing of the Vehicle

Access to the vehicle is also obtained using the application, which allows you to remotely open the car or lock the doors during the rental when you want to park.

Cost Control with the Trip Calculator

The built-in Panek mobile application trip calculator allows you to estimate the expected cost of renting a specific vehicle for a designated route and rental period.

Quick Payments

The application allows you to link a payment card from which funds will be deducted for service settlements. Users can also use a pre-paid account and top it up using BLIK, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, or fast online transfers.

Separation of Private and Business Trips with Profiles

Users can have two profiles on one account – private and business – and thus settle their trips depending on their nature.

Security and Efficiency with Amazon Web Services

The Panek system is based on Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions. In the mobile application, AWS SDK for Kotlin and AWS SDK for Swift were used as part of the implementation of the Cognito service for user authentication and authorization.

PANEK CarSharing x Norbsoft
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