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Promedica24 - Care Zone and Kundenportal

Home care supported by technology

Two mobile applications supporting a modern and comprehensive approach to care.

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Mobile Trends Awards 2022

The Promedica24 application was honored at the Mobile Trends Awards 2022 in the Mobile Medtech category.

DISTINCTION - Promedica24
Mobile Trends Awards 2022
Care services
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  • Mobile Development
  • UI Design
Download the Application
Download the Application

About the client

The Promedica24 Group is a leader in the European care services market. It provides care services for clients in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Poland. On their behalf, it searches for and prepares candidates from Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria for work, ensuring legal forms of cooperation and organizing their stay abroad. Over 52 thousand caregivers have decided to cooperate with us abroad, entrusting us with their confidence.


As part of the vision where modern technologies help to provide even better care service, Promedica24 decided to provide its clients (those under care and their families) and employed caregivers with a tool to facilitate access to information that is crucial for them, as well as more efficient communication in various areas of cooperation.

As a result of consumer research and identification of future users' needs, it was determined that clients particularly care about access to details related to care and insight into invoices and documents.

Caregivers, in turn, expected access to the most important information about cooperation, a view of payment dates and salary amounts, and access to a knowledge base and training.


As part of the project implementation, we prepared two dedicated applications, based on a common architecture and communicating with the existing CRM system - Microsoft Dynamics.

The application for caregivers works on devices with the Android system, while the one for the cared individuals and their families also supports iOS.

We have been cooperating with Norbsoft for 6 years, during which we have jointly created several web and mobile applications, including those awarded at the Mobile Trends Awards.

At every stage of the project, we can count on professional support and reliable execution of the entrusted tasks. It is also necessary to emphasize the customer-oriented approach, which is very important in a dynamically changing business environment. I can confidently recommend Norbsoft as a proven provider of applications.

Michał Turzyński
Project Manager, Promedica24

Clear Menu

The main menu was designed in the form of tiles, which guarantees extraordinary clarity and ease of use. This is particularly important for older users who can easily navigate through the application. Additionally, this consistent menu structure allows the use of a common scheme for different application variants, tailored to their individual functionalities.

Intuitive Application Guide

With the target group of application users in mind, a guide explaining the operation of the most important functions was prepared. Additionally, solutions were implemented that allow easy return to the main menu in case of losing orientation while navigating within the product.

Quick Access to Financial Information

The application allows caregivers to make detailed settlements of performed assignments and access to salary simulations for each trip. This gives them full control over their finances - payment amounts, payment dates, etc.

For the family of the individual under care, the application provides a full view of the received invoices and the current status of payments made. This facilitates tracking and controlling costs associated with care.

Information on Trips and Care Recipients at Hand

Caregivers can use the application to check the details of their trips and get to know the care recipient better.

This gives them a fuller understanding of the person they are caring for, which translates into more personalized and effective care.

Documents Also Available Offline

The application also provides insight into necessary documents, including the assistance card, which are available without the need for an internet connection. This assures caregivers that they always have all the important information at hand, even in places where there is no network access or there are limitations related to roaming.

Clear Information About the Caregiver

Clients can familiarize themselves with the CV of the candidate for caregiver in a simple and standardized way. This gives them a more complete insight into their ualifications and experience, which helps them make an informed choice and find the right professional to care for their loved ones.

Access to Training

The application allows caregivers to track progress on their training path and to sign up for stationary courses or access online webinars. This ensures they have constant access to current knowledge and the ability to improve their skills, which translates into even better quality of care provided.

Handy Industry Knowledge Base

The application has also been equipped with extensive educational materials, which caregivers have access to at all times.

Chat That Breaks Language Barriers

Thanks to the built-in chat, caregivers can communicate directly with the clients assigned to them. This functionality allows for quick and direct interaction, ensuring even better communication.

The caregiver also has the option of using the feature to translate messages received from the client into Polish. This allows for even better communication with the client and more effectively meeting his needs, regardless of language differences.

Highest Security

Data are stored in the application in encrypted form. Additionally, users can use biometric authentication to gain secure access to the application.

Promedica24 x Norbsoft
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