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How we equipped sales representatives with a tool to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction

"Sales reps use the app daily - it has become a natural tool for their work."

In a Nutshell

SITS SFA in numbers

sales reps using the app
12 years
of cooperation
1 million
pieces of furniture produced annually
Furniture Manufacturing
Project Scope
  • Mobile Development
  • CMS Development
  • Quality Assurance


SITS is a furniture manufacturer that is part of the Danish Actona Group. The company was founded in Poland in 1993 by Erik and Marianne Näsström. It currently employs about 2,000 people and produces over one million pieces of furniture annually.


The idea for a dedicated mobile app to support sales at SITS arose shortly after the first version of the iPad hit the market. The sales department saw the potential of this new device and understood that it could significantly enhance the comfort and efficiency of product presentations.

The main motivation for creating the app was to ensure greater convenience for sales reps during presentations. Thanks to the solution, sales reps can move freely around the showroom, trade hall, or sit comfortably on a sofa, while presenting the full range of products.

Another important goal was to improve communication between sales representatives and customers. The app allows for the quick sharing of information about availability, prices, and other product details. Sales reps can also directly take orders, eliminating the need to wait for information from other company departments. This makes communication more efficient and the sales process faster and smoother.


To meet the needs of the sales department, in cooperation with the IT department at SITS, we prepared an iOS application with dedicated support for iPads, which was provided to sales reps through the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

The application was built with modules supporting the processes of presenting products that are part of SITS's rich offer and placing orders.

Easy access to


product catalogs

product cards

Always up-to-date pricelists

The application was also equipped with a feature that provides full access to current product prices, with the sales rep only seeing those for which they have been granted the appropriate access rights.

Filters allow sales reps to decide on the type of price lists displayed or to choose the catalog from which they are to be presented. In a clear table, important information such as model name, product number, prices for different variants, and product volume are displayed.

Convenient order placement

Users have the ability to create and review placed orders. They get a full insight into key information, such as the date of order creation, its number, the name of the customer, the number of products, and the total value of the order. Upon selecting a specific order from the list, the user can view details and make any necessary modifications.

The order module also contains an advanced product configurator. Users can precisely define the parameters and materials that should be included in the ordered furniture. They can choose upholstery, leg color, filling type, armrest type, or even mattress type. This functionality gives the user full control over the customization of the ordered furniture, which translates into increased customer satisfaction and meeting their individual expectations.

Offline work

The application operates without the need for continuous network access. All necessary data can be downloaded to the device before going to trade fairs or other places without internet access.

Role system

Thanks to the use of a system of user accounts and roles, sales reps have access to information tailored to the market in which they operate.


"We see a lot of positive feedback from the sales reps, mainly due to the ability to centrally update data and the reduced amount of materials that a sales rep needs to carry during presentations."

The dedicated SITS SFA app has brought tangible benefits for the sales department and customers.

Sales reps can work more efficiently and focus on building relationships with clients, instead of spending time searching for information or managing paper documentation. Clients, in turn, receive a more personalized and professional approach, which translates into greater satisfaction with the purchasing process.

SITS SFA x Norbsoft
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