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Payments without ticket machines and queues

The Server-Driven UI approach enabled the deployment of mobile applications dedicated to specific services and partners, with minimal effort.

In a Nutshell

SkyCash in numbers

3 million
80% share
in the Polish market for smartphone parking payments
50% share
in the sales of public transportation tickets in the mobile channel
Project Scope
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
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SkyCash S.A. is a fintech company that has been developing its payment system since 2010 for public transportation, parking, train tickets, cinema tickets, toll road transits, and phone top-ups.


SkyCash and Norbsoft began collaboration on the development of new, native mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms. The main challenge of the project was the broad range of services, the necessity for quick updates under changing conditions dictated by carriers, and the planned dynamic product development.

We gladly provide a reference for Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. for their professional approach and solid cooperation since April 2012. Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. has developed for SkyCash Poland S.A. applications: SkyCash, Multikino, Helios enabling mobile payments for the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone platforms.

Norbsoft offers services at the highest level. Employees of Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. exhibit full professionalism, carrying out commissions with great dedication, accuracy, and reliability. Communication proceeds professionally, and set deadlines are always maintained. Our cooperation so far allows us to recommend Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. as a professional mobile application contractor and a reliable business partner.

Dariusz Mazurkiewicz
President of the Board
Marcin Brysiak
Business Development Director

Server-driven UI

After analyzing the requirements, the Norbsoft team along with SkyCash decided that the best approach would be to build a solution based on Server-driven UI.

The color scheme, layout of screens, data presented, and operations performed are not encoded in the mobile application but are sent to it from the server and then interpreted by a dedicated rendering engine. The idea operates similarly to a web browser and web pages but ensures a native user interface (UI) and speed of operation.

Currently, a similar approach to building native applications is used by, among others, Airbnb, Lyft, and Allegro (which has been developing its internal technology MBox since 2019).

The server sends screen definitions described using the data structure we have developed to mobile applications. This is then translated into a native user interface by the engine operating on the iOS and Android systems. Previously, Norbsoft was also responsible for support for devices running Windows Phone.

One Engine, Many Applications

Nearly 10 years of engine development have allowed for the creation of a highly flexible solution, enabling the deployment of new services and markets without the need for updating mobile applications. This approach also allows for the deployment of mobile applications dedicated to specific services and partners, with minimal effort. In this way, applications such as mobiParking, Multikino, Helios, Kino Luna, and PKP Intercity Mobile Navigator were created.

Rich UI Component Library

The implemented library of application components allows for the creation of advanced user interfaces, using elements such as grids, side menus, and photo galleries.

There are also components unique to each platform. For Windows Phone, the popular panorama pattern was used.

Dedicated Components

Designing the mobile applications also required the creation of components dedicated to the unique functions of each application. One such feature, for example, is the selection of seats in a cinema hall.

Support for 1D and 2D Code Scanners

In addition to delivering interface elements, the engine also integrates with hardware and services operating on the device. This includes, for example, support for 1D and 2D code scanners used for billing purposes or reading data from a vehicle registration certificate.

Push Notifications

Norbsoft also provided native support for push notification mechanisms, event analytics registration, and data encryption for linking a payment card to an account in accordance with PCI standards.

Meeting Additional Requirements

During the implementation of the project, we faced challenges that are not encountered in the traditional approach to mobile application development.

  • Consistency across platforms. Server-driven UI facilitates maintaining consistency in the business process - implementation of a given function. The function is implemented once on the server side. A significant challenge requiring continuous testing and consultation between teams is ensuring the consistency of the rendering engine's operation so that a common definition leads to the same effects on each of the systems.
  • Versioning. As the engine developed, its capabilities increased. An important element is ensuring the delivery of content to applications that the engine is capable of correctly interpreting. In the interest of performance optimization and ensuring the operation of certain functions without network access (e.g., ticket control in trains), screen definitions are stored in the cache on the device and require appropriate refresh scenarios.
  • Testing. Introducing changes to the engine requires ensuring that they do not negatively affect the existing operation of the product. An essential element is maintaining a set of tests that will detect the occurrence of regression errors. Norbsoft created its own server software that supplies applications with dedicated test scenarios verifying various combinations of parameters for rendering individual components.
SkyCash x Norbsoft
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