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Costa Coffee Club

How we implemented the loyalty program for a coffee chain from the heart of London

The use of a mobile application in the coffee chain's loyalty program allowed for the elimination of plastic cards and the creation of more tailored product offers.

In a Nutshell

Costa Coffee Club in numbers

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rating on Google Play
over 7,000 ratings
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over 17,000 ratings
Project Scope
  • Graphic design
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance
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Costa Coffee Polska S.A. is the local branch of the British coffee chain with over 50-years of tradition, currently belonging to the Coca-Cola company.


In 2018, the chain decided to replace the existing loyalty program, based on traditional cards and stamps, with a more modern, digital tool using a mobile application. Additionally, the offer was to be directed not only at cafe customers but also at employees, who were offered additional benefits that they could use through functions dedicated to them in the application.


Based on the client's expectations regarding the product, we conducted a full pre-project analysis of mobile applications, combined with the creation of a dedicated graphic design project based on the brand's design system developed by the parent company.

Each function was translated into a screen visualization, a detailed behavior specification, and a description of integration with the Motivation Direct system (provided by an external partner) through dedicated APIs.

The project documentation prepared in this way enabled the Norbsoft development teams to efficiently implement native applications for iOS and Android systems.

The entire project was supervised by Norbsoft's dedicated project manager, and testers equipped with numerous testing devices ensured high quality.

They showed us why they’re famous for mobile app development.

Users have reviewed the app well and downloaded it in significant numbers. Norbsoft was committed to delivering the best possible product, constructively contributing original ideas and instituting an effortless collaboration. Customers can expect a professional, reputable partner.

Digital Project Manager
Costa Coffee

Collecting Beans

The core of the Costa Coffee loyalty program is collecting virtual beans, which users receive for purchases and can then exchange for a free drink.

During purchases, the user is identified using a QR code generated by the application and assigned during account registration. Each cafe has been equipped with a fast, dedicated, optical scanner of codes integrated with the POS system.

The main screen of the application, apart from displaying the user's code, also presents the current status of the collected beans. The closer we are to receiving the reward, the more the Costa coffee cup is filled. This solution arouses many positive emotions among users!

Personalized Promotions and Rewards

Users can also familiarize themselves with current promotions and use discount coupons that have been awarded to them using personalization algorithms. Coupons also contain QR codes, which can be read by the cashier, ensuring their one-time use.

Referral System

An additional element that builds customer loyalty and promotes the application is extra beans for recommending the app to friends. Each user receives a unique referral code that others can enter when setting up their own account.

Modern Cafe Map

An additional feature of the mobile application created by Norbsoft is a map of Costa Coffee cafes and Costa Coffee Express machines, presenting, among other things, cafe opening hours, taking into account movable holidays.

Push Notifications

Costa Coffee mobile applications can receive push notifications, both those generated automatically by the loyalty program platform (e.g., bean accrual) and content prepared by the marketing team. Each message can be personalized.

For sending notifications, the One Signal platform is used, which directly utilizes Google and Apple services and offers additional functions not available in the case of their direct use, such as detailed data export or more advanced analytical mechanisms.

Application Rating in Store

To ensure a good rating of the application in Apple and Google stores, the Norbsoft team implemented a mechanism encouraging users to provide feedback on the application. Users who wanted to submit their comments were directed to a dedicated contact form.

Costa Coffee x Norbsoft
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