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How we simplified investment monitoring for a leading fund's clients

Intuitive content presentation and high security are the pillars of financial mobile applications.

In a Nutshell

NN TFI24 in numbers

7 years
of joint project development
2nd year in a row
best TFI in Poland according to Analiz Online
different financial products
Project Scope
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance


NN Investment Partners TFI S.A. is part of the Goldman Sachs Group Inc. In Poland, it manages the assets of nearly 500,000 clients, offering investment funds as well as employee and retirement programs, which are also within the framework of IKE, IKZE, and PPK.


In 2015, the fund initiated cooperation with Norbsoft to implement a solution that would facilitate its clients' ability to track the value of their investments and savings. Previously, users had to log in each time to the transactional system using an identifier and password and did not have convenient access to their account via a mobile channel.


The main component for mobile access to the account was to be an application available for Android and iOS systems, which, after a one-time activation, would allow for quick inspection of account balances while maintaining security and confidentiality of the operations performed.

After determining the scope of the MVP version, a project team was formed, which, in addition to Norbsoft, included several independent entities:

  • The transfer agent responsible for the transactional part and providing the appropriate API for the mobile application
  • Content - a company responsible for maintaining the information platform (including quotes, information documents) and publishing this content in a format suitable for use by applications running on smartphones
  • UX - a company that was preparing the design of the new transactional service accessible from web browsers, which also became the basis for the design of the application for portable devices
  • Security - an entity responsible for security audits and penetration tests

The cooperation is professional and the results achieved are very good, which makes us happy to have such a business partner.

We are pleased to provide references for Norbsoft Sp. z o.o. and simultaneously confirm the high quality and professionalism of the services provided by this company. We can confidently recommend Norbsoft as a trusted, experienced, and professional executor of financial mobile applications.

Miłosz Pałka
Digital Product Manager, NN TFI24


Norbsoft, in addition to producing the NN TFI24 applications themselves, also ensured that the other parties received precise guidelines, allowing for the delivery of proper components necessary to meet the demands placed on the mobile application.

As part of the collaboration, a product was created that offers, among other things:

  • Device association with an account by logging in once using a username and password and confirming the operation with a one-time code from an SMS message.
  • Access to the application using a dedicated access code.
  • Dashboard presenting richly condensed information from all areas of the application.
  • Insight into the current allocation of funds to products, in the form of both charts and lists.
  • Review of the product offering with the possibility of assembling an order in the cart and placing it.
  • The ability to convert/exchange units between funds.
  • Access to quotations without the need to log in to the application.
  • The ability to define savings goals locally and monitor their progress.

The application is powered by data using a universal API shared with other systems. The implementation of computational algorithms, including the calculation of profits/losses, the historical state of the user's portfolio, and the drawing of numerous charts, takes place locally on the user's device, which requires a higher level of testing and verification of implementation consistency across all channels than in the case of mobile applications that only present the user with content received from the server.


With a wide range of products, a proper navigation structure within the application plays a crucial role. NN TFI24 utilizes both a bottom menu, a list menu, and tabs.

Content Presentation

A simple and understandable presentation of content that interests the user is an essential element of every financial application. NN TFI24 from Norbsoft uses numerous charts for this purpose.


As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Therefore, in addition to the intuitiveness of the activation process, it was important that the user did not feel overwhelmed by the information they saw upon logging into the application. For this purpose, a simple tutorial was created, displayed upon the first entry into each of the main sections of the application.

Development and Maintenance

Over the following years, along with adapting the application to new versions of operating systems, current requirements of Google Play and Apple App Store operators, and safety recommendations, the application also developed functionally.

For instance, in the application, we implemented biometric login and the ability to add funds to the watched list.

Thanks to the popularization of devices supporting biometric authentication methods, it became possible to introduce this user verification method in the NN TFI24 application.

The original goal of enabling quick insight into the status of assets was achieved.

At Norbsoft, we also ensured that the application followed business and legal changes. In 2020, support was added for a completely new product - PPK. The following year, a process for assessing product alignment with the user's character was introduced.

The new requirement for the user to complete a suitability and target market survey was implemented using a specially prepared web page that communicates with the main application, allowing for rapid implementation based on a single, common implementation.

One of the key features of all mobile financial applications is the user's trust and security in the solution. These values, also being some of the most important values of Norbsoft, are the foundation of the NN TFI24 application and our longstanding cooperation with the brand.

NN TFI24 x Norbsoft
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